Strength is found in the ground.
All of our tube anchors are fabricated, manufactured and tested the same way: to perfection.


From our 2-3/8" workhorse to our 7" Sherman tank, we start with the very best seamless domestic oil grade (N80 grade) pipe and inertia weld 4140 alloy male and female ends to the tube. The 4140 alloy is machined by one of our 20 CNC precision machines, allowing us tight tolerances and optimal load transfers from section to section.

The most critical step is insuring our processes are never compromised by continually testing the finished product on site. We are one of the few suppliers that have availability to a testing facility patterned after the standards set by the ICC (A358).

If the property owner and/or the engineer demands superiority and assurance of the best, talk to us. With the assistance of our in house engineer, consulting engineer, and field support staff we will design, support and assist with your most demanding helical anchor or deep foundation requirements.

Helical Anchor, Pile, and Pier Specifications

Product Series
Load Limit
Ultimate Capacity
Based on
TS238190 2.375 OD 0.190 125,000 100,000 6,500 65,000
TS238254 2.375 OD 0.254 125,000 135,000 9,000 90,000
TS278276 2.875 OD 0.276 180,000 180,000 16,000 144,000
TS312368 3.50 OD 0.368 250,000 290,000 27,000 216,000
TS412337 4.50 OD 0.337 360,000 350,000 48,000 312,000
TS500362 5.00 OD 0.362 413,000 413,000 74,000* 413,000
TS512361 5.50 OD 0.361 510,000 466,000 90,700* 466,000
TS700498 7.00 OD 0.498 999,000 814,000 200,000* 814,000
  * Product ratings table and notes (PDF 268KB).

Helical Anchor, Pile, and Pier Accessories/Additonal Products

Below you'll find pictures and information regarding our anchors and just some of the accessories we are capable of supplying. If you have an idea for a project and need a custom part to complete it with Viking Helical Anchors, contact us and we'll help you along the way.

Underpinnings Standard brackets Heavy duty brackets Light duty brackets Tieback assemblies Beam support brackets Floor slab support systems
Construction Caps Standard Brackets Heavy Duty Brackets Light Duty Brackets Tiebacks and Soil Retention Beam Support Brackets Guy Wire and Retention Support

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