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A new standard

In general, helical anchors have had load capacity ranges of 10 tons to 60 tons per anchor. Our anchors have load ranges of 60 tons to 450 tons per anchor, the standards have now been changed. Viking acheives stronger product ratings through several improvements to the helical anchor technology.

CNC Precision Machined Connections

Straight, Easy Alignment

Using a precision connection between anchor connections means less movement between each piece. When you connect pieces together they run perfectly flush with eachother. No matter how deep you install our anchors to they'll go in as straight as you began.

Seamless, high tensile tubes

Stronger Anchors

We don't compromise on the quality of the steel used in our helical anchors so we fabricate them using N80 grade (oilgrade) seamless steel pipe. This allows us to reach heavier loads, resist buckling and the ability to hold higher lateral loads. What this ultimately equates to you is using less or smaller anchors and the piece of mind knowing your design is the most efficient available.

High Yield Flights

Higher Compression and Tension

Most anchors are built using A36 grade helical flights. Viking uses A50 grade, high quality flights which translates into the ability to hold higher compression and tension loads on your projects. Our 2.875" tube can hold 80,000 lbs. more in compression and tension than the next leading competitor.

Patented Inertia Welded Design

Higher Torque

Most helical anchor failures occur in the connections between leads or extensions. To solve this problem our engineers came up with a unique, inertia welded design. No up-set ends, no welded on sleeves; just one solid piece. This gives our torque an unmatched advantage in the industry and allows you to design projects in rougher conditions. Check out the difference in our manufacturer's process below.

Below you will find graphs comparing our 2.375", 2.875", 3.5", and 4.5" tube anchors against several leading competitors. You can also view our 5" tube anchor being torque tested to failure.

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We are committed to providing the strongest helical anchors, piers, and piles in the world.