put our anchors to work.
From foundation remediation and small earth retention to 2.5MW wind turbine foundations or transmission towers, our products can be used in a myriad of applications.

Viking Helical Anchor Applications

Building Foundations

Commercial and Residential Buildings

When poor soils prevent the use of traditional shallow spread footings our anchors can be used, even in the harshest of soil environments, as a substitute. New construction caps are placed on the top of the anchor and rebar is tied or welded in before the columns are poured. The anchors handle all of the building weight, and because we can support large loads, quite often we can reduce the number of piles required.

Solar Farms

Nevada Solar Farm

Our helical piers have replaced concrete as the standard for solar structural supports on a number of projects. Solar farms are often decommissioned after several decades, and helical anchors and piers are easily backed out of the ground with minimal environmental disturbance.

Communication and Transmission Towers

Communication Towers

Whether it is for self supporting or guy wire supported, our anchors are the foundation for communication and transmission towers across the U.S. We've designed foundations that save time and money by taking advantage of our high capacity anchors to reduce the amount of steel required to support loads in excess of 300 KIP.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

In the past 1.5MW and larger wind tower foundations required an exorbitant amount of resources, sometimes in excess of 350 cubic yards of concrete and 30,000 lbs of rebar. The more concrete involved, the longer the cure time required before the turbine is able to be erected. Our anchors have the ability to reduce the concrete required to just the turbine foundation cap, saving an enourmous amount of installation time, mobilization, and money.


The applications for our helical anchors, helical piles, and helical piers as an option for deep foundation systems are numerous and we have only noted several of the common uses. Our support and engineering staff are available to help you on any design-build projects you have in mind and we are more than willing to try something new. We'll turn your ideas into realtiy.

Guy connection with Viking Helical Anchors Tension test of Viking Helical Anchors Boardwalk installation with Viking Helical Anchors Tower remediation using Viking Helical Anchors Tower installation using anchors
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