The World's Strongest Anchor.
Meet the Viking Helical Anchor, a new breed designed to outperform anything else on the market. With a solid tube design and patented intertia weld connection system, it can really hold its own. Standard sizes range from 2.375" to 7" diameter, and there simply is no better value KIP for KIP in torque and load comparisons. Discover the potential of the 100% American made Viking Helical Anchor. Check out how we compare to leading competitors; then put some in the ground.


Viking Helical Anchors designs, supplies, and distributes high strength helical anchors to the United States and abroad. In order to design and engineer an unparalleled helical anchor for deep foundation and soil stabilization, we worked clsoely with industry experts to understand exatly what it would take to come up with The World's Strongest Anchor. What we found was that in order to achieve our goal we needed three things: stronger couplings/connections, stronger steel in the anchor shaft, and stronger service. We did just that, utilizing a patented inertia welded connection, 35% stronger steel, and 100 years of understanding sales and relationships.

Viking is now able to supply the deep foundation and helical anchor industry with the strongest product of its kind in the world. Sometimes called helical piers, or helical piles, our anchors can be used for a variety of applications from small soil retention tieback projects to massive towers.

Installation of Viking Helical Anchor Viking Helical Anchors on site Installation of Viking Helical Anchor Viking Helical Anchor's patented inertia welding process Communications towers
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